Our Services

Wide selection

Visit us in our shop and search for your next piece of jewelry undisturbed and with professional advice.

More than 1000 rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces are waiting for you.

Furthermore, we have access to more than 7000 of our own wax models. Please talk to us about your wishes.

Commissioned works

No matter if personal and unique or quirky and different, we make it possible. Even though nothing in our shop is "off the shelf", sometimes it needs to be something exceptionally special. 

Together we design your next piece of jewelry and bring your imagination into your hands. Every step is done by us, so in the end you can be sure you really get what you want.


Jewelry often tells a story and we have a deep connection to it. We repair and restore your memorabilia, so they accompany you the entire life.

Through our partnerships we are also able to offer you the repair and restoration of your clocks.

In case you ever want to part ways with your jewelry, we will also gladly make you an offer for purchase.

Passport Photos

Gladly we take and print passport photos (biometric & non-biometric) and application photos.

Of course the photos are printed on high quality paper and are immediately ready to take with you.

You can also print photos from your smartphone or USB-Stick in equal quality in the shop.